Building Software for Campaigns and Non-Profits?

Activist Manager is building the platform for fundraising, reporting and activism. If you want to include any of those features in your products email us today. We can offer one-on-one assistance understanding our API, the fundraising process and even taking your product to market.

Women Speak Out Wins Five GOP Senate Seats With Activist Manager

When Women Speak Out, a pro-life PAC, decided they wanted to knock on 580,000 doors and make 500,000 phone calls in five Senate races they knew FEC compliance would be a challenge. Each canvasser’s hours would have to make the seamless journey from reporting, to approval to FEC submission - on a nightly basis. Building on Activist Manager Technology allowed them to process nearly 22,000 independent expenditures with a minimum of fuss.

Can Your Candidate Make The Hi Dollar Calls Anywhere, Anytime?

There’s no more effective way to tap your hi-dollar donors then a personal call from your candidate. Using Activist Manager Technology your candidate can make those calls whenever the downtime allows. Arm them with the complete donor record, notes and even access to the donor’s social media feed to make sure they know what the donor is thinking.